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Our Story

Welcome to Free Spirits! Free Spirits is the Fashion Jewellery and Accessories brand where rich heritage and culture meet latest fashion trends, giving birth to unique statement pieces. Free Spirits was found as a result of strong desire to express uniqueness, passion for world heritage and love for jewellery.

 For us, Jewellery is an expression, a statement of your unique style.

Free Spirits is a small team based in London. We take pride in quality and design of our pieces. Each piece is carefully sourced with high attention to quality and design. Every customer is very special to us and it is our highest priority to serve our customers to the best.

 We believe "There is a queen in every girl".

Searching for unusual, vibrant, statement pieces around the world is a joy of our life, putting these pieces out there is our way of connecting with like-minded girls who strive for uniqueness and takes pride in being their unique selves. Are you that girl? Do you share the same passion for jewellery? We would love to hear from you connect with us using the links below, or write to us.


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