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6 Simple Steps to Discovering Your Personal Jewelry Style

by Sonal Suthar on March 07, 2018

In times when we can access celebrity style and latest fashion trends at our figure tips, it is one thing to get entertained and inspired by clicking through thousands of images of Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, in our spare time yet, often we get carried away with replicating looks and keeping up with trends. But let's face it, it's not only tiring and expensive to do that but it can also keep us away from being our authentic self.

While finding your “Signature Style" could seem like a task, it can actually be broken down in few easy steps to make it simple and you can indulge in creative satisfaction of styling your self exactly the way you love!

Scroll down to 6 easy steps with examples and get started.  

  1. Understand Your Style

The most important thing to start with is to really understand your style. Figure out the colors, shapes, and styles that you are usually drawn to such as, do you like wearing statement pieces or prefer to keep it light by going for minimalism, do you prefer gold tones over silvers, do you love wearing bold geometric shapes or attracted to detailed intricate designs? The point is to think this through to identify the fundamental preferences. You can also do this by taking a good look through your jewelry collection. You are very likely to have at least couple of pieces of the same, if not the similar, style in your collection which is a sign that you are a fan of that style.

    For example, we here @Free Spirits we love to add a little unusual touch of our own statement style in every look that we create. Take a look at our latest press release for some inspiration. Our Just Be Younique is the perfect place to buy some unique pieces that can help you create your own style statement.  



    Nail Ring


    1. Recognise the Jewelry Pieces and Styles That Grab Your Attention

    Do you ever have that moment when you see someone passing by or in your office or even your friend wearing a jewelry and makes you go “Oh! that’s so me” or “Wow that looks beautiful” I know, I certainly have. Take a note of those pieces that grabs your attention because those are the perfect style inspiration moments. 

    Eye of Evil Delicate Gold Hand Harness Bracelet


    1. Find Your "Go to" Jewelry Pieces

    We all have some of those pieces of jewelry in our wardrobe that we turn to in crisis of time or when we can't find anything that suits the outfits. Identify your "Go to" pieces and invest in few more of similar pieces. When I am in doubt, throwing on a pair of statement earrings always work wonders. Statement earrings are perfect to instantly uplift your look and mood too (at least in my case). They in fact even make me feel more powerful, would you agree? 

    Take a look at our collection of Statement Earrings


    1. Make a Mood Board

    This is one of the most helpful and important steps in finding out your style. It will require some time and effort but certainly worth it. Log in to your Pinterest account as we all know that it is the best place to find inspiration and create a mood board. If you are a fan of Instagram you can also use the #bookmark on Instagram or save your posts to your account.

    Get pinning your favorite styles here. 


    1. Experiment with New Styles and Shapes

    Ah, this is my favourite step. A lot of times we think that only certain shapes and sizes work for us and it’s almost always best to be safe. Lot of us stick with easy and comfortable style, such as a delicate necklace or stud earrings. But experimenting and being brave has its own merits. You will be surprised how being a little bold going for brighter colour or a statement choker gives an interesting twist to your look.

    Treat your self with some Bight & Bold pieces of jewelry.


    Yellow Stone Earrings

    1. Cherish Every Single Compliment That Lands on Your Lap

    Last but certainly not the least, proudly accept all the style compliments that you receive. It's actually great way to know which style and shapes of jewelry pieces work for you. Because sometimes when we are unsure of our new experiment or too busy to notice, compliments on your style and jewelry can be the best way to tell what's working. So you should wear each compliment like a piece of your favorite jewelry. After all, you have invested time and effort into discovering your personal style.

     We celebrate each complement we get from our customers. 


    So that’s how simple it is to discover your style. Now it's your turn to tell me your thoughts or share your style mood boards. I would love to hear from you in comments below and if you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends.